Thursday, March 8, 2012

Invisible Children

The Kony 2012 film is spreading like a virus accross the internet. But just in case you've missed it - 
here you go!
If you google Kony 2012 you'll find just as much criticism as praise. Luckily, all people seem to agree that Kony is an awful man, but those who criticize say the campaign is outdated, their financial situation is dubious, that they attempt to fix something that is far too complicated to have a simple solution, and that military intervention from the US will do more harm than good.

I think it's always interesting to hear both sides, 
but what I find touching, is the strong belief that WE as a community can change things. We can change whatever we want to change. All we need to do is connect, stick together and raise our voice.

That is what inspired me today. 
If a campaign like this brings an end to at least one of the bad things in this world and inspires others, there will be no stopping us!

Who else wants to cover the night?



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Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this sad and wonderful movie ! For sure we can do it - what a great initiative !