About me

I'm one of about 7 billion humans on planet earth. Just like you!

I was born in Belgium, moved to France with my mum and sister when I was 16, then to Sweden when I was 22 and now find myself living in England!

I love to travel just as much as I like to be home - which makes it very tricky deciding what to do in life - do I want to be a globetrotter or a house-owner?

My mission, as a holistic nutritionist and yoga teacher, is to inspire people to think twice about the impact everything we do, say, think, eat, buy & throw away has on ourselves and the world we live in.

I've kept a blog ever since I first moved countries. It helps me reflect, helps me focus (not just my lens) on the beauty in every day life and it satisfies my need to share ... my journey as a business owner and teacher, the products I sell in my shop, my love for the planet we live on, and pretty much all other aspects of this thing we call life.

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Aina Maj
/eye-na my/