Saturday, August 9, 2014


Listening to a random playlist, "I feel home" by O.A.R started playing, right as I was about to start writing.

"I feel home when I see the faces that remember my own
I feel home when I'm chillin outside with the people I know
I feel home, and that's just what I feel
Home to me is reality and all I need is something real, I feel home"

I can't get over how nice it is to feel home somewhere.
And even though me and J are already talking about our next travels,
right now it's home we want to be.

A week ago being home got even more fun, because that's when we got this little furball :)
Hector, the newest addition to the family!

In the picture above he's staring at the lens cap dangling from my camera - it's actually pretty difficult to frame him awake & not moving too much :)

See? :D

For those who follow me on Instagram. Sorry for the cat picture overload ... I can't help it. :)