Saturday, July 2, 2016

My summer retreat

"When you love what you do, work feels like a holiday every day."

For me that is definitely true this summer. 
The next 3 months I will be holidaying at Orion B&B which happens to be my mother's little corner of paradise.

Besides enjoying the magnificent garden and pool, chilling in one of the hammocks and stopping to smell the flowers, I'll be welcoming guests, cleaning the ecological swimming pool, and doing just about all other imaginable things that are necessary when having guests :)

Serving breakfast is my favourite thing.

The wealth of wisdom people share with each other while sharing a meal sitting around the same big table is truly incredible.
Friendships are built, sightseeing tips are exchanged, dinner plans are made together, conversations get deeper with every day that passes ...

Whether I'm actively participating or listening in while serving coffee I'm both inspired and touched.
 There's something immensely beautiful about a bunch of random human beings coexisting peacefully and happily in the same garden.