Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Gold Medal Food

For those who are curious, these are the pictures that got Luqaz his spot in the finals of Young Chef of the Year.
(for last year's pictures, click here

Soon I'll stop writing about everything Luqaz-and-food related because he'll be starting his own blog!

Until then, we'd like to thank Niklas Wernborg for his photography skills - you actually deserve a little part of that gold medal! ;)

Monday, February 27, 2012

Berlin Here We Come!!!

These pictures don't need many words really :)
6 finalists, 1 winner.
Luqaz Ottosson, I'm proud of you!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Touch of Spring in the Air

I've been home for exactly 2 weeks and time seems to go even quicker here than in the caribbean.
I came back just in time to see Visby covered in white!

I love how I always seem to enjoy being home even more after I've been away for a while.
These lasts 2 weeks have been filled with extensive breakfasts, many lunches out in town, get-togethers with friends, fat tuesday 'semlor', lazing on the sofa, and lie-ins on weekdays ... 

But now that the snow is melting away I've decided to pull my act together and start on my projects for the spring!

So many exciting things to do! - starting with Luqaz competing in the finals of 'Ã…rets Unga Kock 2012' (young chef of the year) in Stockholm next Monday.
Time for a culinary city trip! :D

Hold your thumbs everyone! The finalist gets to compete in Berlin in September! Now wouldn't that be something?

Monday, February 20, 2012

Time Bank - my kind of bank :)

Time banking, a way of exchanging services, not just between two people, but between people in a whole community.
The idea is that the time you spend doing something for someone is 'earned' time that you can spend to receive services from someone else.
It's a tool to form stronger bonds and a sense of belonging within a community, but can obviously become much more than that!

I read on wikipedia that because of the Swedish tax law service exchanges aren't allowed ... (or maybe it just becomes too much of a hassle if one has to pay taxes on the value of the service?)
But there should be a way around that, no?

Who's up for a new project? :D

Sunday, February 19, 2012

The last 5 minutes?

We live in an exponential world. Things speed up towards the end.
Economy. Energy. Environment. Everything.

Are we wasting time finding 'solutions' in stead of managing the outcome?

I'm not sure if I can totally agree with Mr Martenson ... it's a little depressing to think there are no solutions really.
It shouldn't turn into an excuse not to try,
then we'd have a real problem!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Absolutely Adorable

Hooray to Google for being all progressive and inclusive :)
Also, for (hopefully) inspiring people to stop buying ecologically unsustainable roses in the middle of winter,
for pointing out that Valentine's day is horrendously commercialized,
and that all that matters in the end, is to be with the person you love.

Even if I would have loved that dinosaur sweater ;)

Time Out Boat Yard

All boats need a time out. 
All boats need to come out of the water from time to time for repair and maintenance.
I'd never been on a boat yard before and really enjoyed the bizarre sight of boats on land, and the curious collection of people I met there.

I also had a time out. Not from the water, but from regular day to day life.
I thought I needed 2,5 months, but one was more than enough to figure out what I wanted and where I needed to be.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Make a Change!

I'm not sure this is really the work of Banksy but it can be found on the Banksy FB Revolution page, so there you go.
Banksy or not, I love it.
If you refuse to sign this, as you should, you might want to check out a documentary called "Thrive". A little bit over the top, certainly, but definitely an eye-opener.
We CAN make a change!

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Friday, February 3, 2012

Choosing Me before We

I thoroughly believe people aren't supposed to be alone. We need each other, we all need love and affection and companionship, but sometimes not in the way society makes us think we do.

For me, getting on a plane to the Caribbean after a series of funny coincidences and spontaniously following the "signs", was the start of an eye-opening journey that made me realize so many things about myself that I guess I knew all along but that remained safely hidden in the corners of my heart and mind.

This is why I can't feel guilty about the carbon emmisions of the plane I was on. That's why I can't make excuses for my actions ... because deep down I know it's what was needed, for ME.

I guess not many people will be able to make sense of what I'm trying to say, but mum, thank you for your subtle nudges. I love you.

For those who are, or want to try to make sense of it all, here's something that might help:

It's actually quite ironic that I'm living on a boat at the moment, rocked by the waves and a little adrift ... but with land in sight.

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