Thursday, February 23, 2012

A Touch of Spring in the Air

I've been home for exactly 2 weeks and time seems to go even quicker here than in the caribbean.
I came back just in time to see Visby covered in white!

I love how I always seem to enjoy being home even more after I've been away for a while.
These lasts 2 weeks have been filled with extensive breakfasts, many lunches out in town, get-togethers with friends, fat tuesday 'semlor', lazing on the sofa, and lie-ins on weekdays ... 

But now that the snow is melting away I've decided to pull my act together and start on my projects for the spring!

So many exciting things to do! - starting with Luqaz competing in the finals of 'Ã…rets Unga Kock 2012' (young chef of the year) in Stockholm next Monday.
Time for a culinary city trip! :D

Hold your thumbs everyone! The finalist gets to compete in Berlin in September! Now wouldn't that be something?


Anonymous said...

good luck on the competition! :) take plenty of photos! let's go to leva when you get back! :D

Aina Maj said...

Yes! I'll let you know when we're back :)