Thursday, June 16, 2016

How to organise events as a small business owner

I really like to organise events.
I don't even think I knew this about myself until I gave it a try!
It started with some small gatherings at my previous store location (easy), followed by the 1st b-day of our little company at a local café (win-win for both) and it sort of took off after that.

2 weeks ago I organised a salsa evening in combination with a Vii pop-up at Visby Glasblåseri (the glasblowers' workshop here in town).

There was a salsa teacher, bucketloads of nachos and 4 different kinds of salsa.

The mango-cucumber one was by far the most popular so I thought I'd make a few people happy by sharing the recipe (not my own - I found it on Pinterest ;))

As always I dragged some other people into my mess as well :)
My fellow countryman, friend and coffee nerd Jelle from Gute Rosteri came along and served his cold brew, and since I was selling Halfvede's apple juice I sort of forced my friend Sofia from Halfvede Musteri to show up too :)

As always I took a moment to imagine the worst thing (except natural disasters or other complete bad luck) that could happen (for example: no one showing up) and concluded that:
 *in that case we'd still be 6 people, 
 *6 people can still have a good time together

In short. Organising events as a small business owner doesn't have to be a huge thing.
Cooperate with others, use social media, share the tasks, trust your own cooking/drink blending skills, realise that the worst that can happen (no one showing up despite your advertising) still means you got word out about your existence and last but not least: enjoy yourself!

Why not today?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Picture taking day

Updating the webshop is a real struggle sometimes.
The picture taking is fine ... it's the editing, the uploading and coming up with a description that suddenly make all possible other activities seem so much more inviting.

Today I found out that the secret to less procrastination is flowers!
I took a walk to the local flower shop and came home with these beauties to play with :)

My new dress also got to play along and made a perfect backdrop for Linn Nielsen's necklaces.

Jonatan's wonky vases are finally for sale online, I've got roses all over the apartment and I now gave myself an excuse to buy a new dress and flowers every time there's new stuff to photograph :)