About this blog

Exactly like when I moved to the South of France in 2004, I decided to start a blog to keep everybody updated on my new life, or rather, new chapter of my life, in Sweden. 

In the mean time I've left Sweden, but the blog is coming with me!

I've been an avid blog reader for many years. My love for everything beautiful only grows by seeing pictures of all kinds of things people buy, make, or wish for and put out there, for everyone to see and read.

For me, "Why not today?" is the answer to just about everything.
It inspires me to make the changes I want to make, today, to do the things I want to do, today, and quite frankly, life has never felt better :)

If this blog, through what I've learned during my holistic nutrition studies & yoga teacher training, through what I sell in my little webshop or through my many ramblings, can inspire people to think twice about the impact food has on our bodies, and how the way we live our lives impacts everything about ourselves and the world we live in, it's been worth it.

All photos are my own (unless otherwise stated).
I shamelessly advertise my own products since I LOVE them and am convinced you will too :)

Aina Maj

/eye-na my/