Sunday, February 20, 2011

Nachos, Guacamole & lots of Sunshine :)

A little news from Playa del Carmen for all you people who might be curious:

We both got a well deserved sunburn on our first day, found out where Luqaz will start kitesurfing, and talked to numerous dive shop owners (with very different selling techniques - not all as convincing :p) - a good day on the beach!

Today, our second day, we went on a snorkel tour discovering both the life on the reefs here as well as the impressive cenotes (groundwater caves).

Interesting fact: A bunch of lionfish managed to escaped from an aquarium in Florida after their aquarium broke due to hurricane Andrew in 1992 and are now crowding the Caribbean.

My first reaction: Good for them! But apparently these beautiful creatures are real killer machines and a big threat for the native sea life.
Capture night dives have been organized and there's big debates going on about how to manage the situation but the lion fish still reign.

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