Sunday, August 21, 2011

Perfect Sunday

After a whole summer of flea-markets I was introduced to the world of auctions today!
I think I was a little intimidated by it all ... and left empty handed, but there's always a next time!

And as if one adventure per day wasn't enough the friends I was with took me along to visit Ola who lives in an old school-building.
I've read plenty of articles about people who buy school buildings and turn them into the most amazing homes so I was pretty excited to discover one of those in real life.
I felt like a thief sneaking around with my camera so I don't think I'll post any pictures but just imagine: huge rooms, amazingly high ceilings, loads of windows letting in as much sunlight as possible, a big porch, a balcony outside the kitchen ... plus a fantastic garden with fruit trees, a vegetable patch AND a greenhouse! 

I felt like impulse-buying an old school for myself :) 

(the house on the picture is a miniature version of the real deal & can be found in the back yard)

On our way out of there we picked up a brave hitch-hiker ...

and had a long anticipated & fantastic late lunch at the French-owned Hablingbo Crêperie where we got lattes served in amazing Åsa Lindström-cups :)

Definitely one of the best Sundays I've had this summer! 
Thanks Jon, Kalle & Jenny!

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