Saturday, September 10, 2011


Detox tea was just what Lotta and I needed this morning after last night's excesses.
I tried to take stylish pictures of the mess we woke up to but there was no way to beautify the enormous amount of dishes - but admit, based on the pictures above you'd think my kitchen was in top shape, no?

My mum often remarks how my blog is only part of the truth - I carefully select the pretty pictures and pretty stories ... but isn't that what we often do?
There's enough sadness and ugliness in the world - there have to be a few places one can turn to for cheeriness and joy, no?
Color me Katie is on of those places, and Kerry's pictures on her blog Seventy Tree also do the trick :)

But to make sure we have a good balance of happy and sad this fine and sunny Saturday - here's something sad:
Lotta is abandoning me and my fellow island dwellers to move to Stockholm ... 

Boo hoo! :(

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