Monday, December 5, 2011

My Sweet Little Tray

Luqaz likes to make fun of me for buying things that "we don't need". Like this cute little tray I picked up at the Leva Loppis a while ago ...
This post is proof that it actually is very useful. And that one can never have too many little trays.

My little tray is perfect for pumpkin-soup lunch, made with the 7kg pumpkin me and my last couchsurfers bought for 7 kronor - about 80 eurocents or a little over a dollar (a bargain I'm still proud of!)

It's also perfect for 2 glasses of milk and lussekatter - made according to Luqaz' mum's recipe (with which she got the second place in a Lussekatt-baking competition in Småland!)

My little tray is a loyal companion during tea breaks ...

And even in the kitchen I wouldn't be able to do without it. Here with home made gluten-free knäckebrod (again one of Luqaz' mum's fantastic recipes) of which I make loads of nowadays since that's what Luqaz serves at the restaurant he works at.
And what about these? My homemade version of the mozartkugel, of one of my favourite sweets to eat this time of year - very time consuming to make ... but oh so rewarding! (for you Belgians out there - I replaced the nougat filling with Speculaaspasta - mmm!) What would I have done without my little tray?I think I've made my case here. Trays always come in handy. In fact, I think we need more! :)

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