Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Giant Eggshell Flowerpots!

Even though Easter is over and done with I just had to share this fantastic decoration idea with you.
How cool is this?

I wish I could explain exactly how to make your own, but I suppose you'll have to experiment a little ...

I know that you need a couple of balloons, plaster of Paris (gips for the Swedes and Belgians out there) a little bit of patience and some luck.

The idea is that you put a little plaster into a balloon, blow it up, knot it and let the plaster dry a couple of hours, cut and peel off the balloon and punch a hole in your "egg" so you can fill it with whatever you like!

The pictures are my own, but all credits go to Lotta and Zandra, the crafty creators of this piece of beauty :)

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