Monday, October 15, 2012

Gotland & Sápmi United!

Even though this video is in Swedish without subtitles, I'm sure everybody can agree that there shouldn't be any more mining projects in Sweden's wilderness than there already are.

In the same way as Ojnare Forest and the people of northern Gotland are threatened by the greed of a big mining company, so are the stunning wilderness in the north of Sweden, the Sami people and their generations-long tradition of reindeer herding.

Last week a delegation of the Ojnare-activists drove from Gotland to Sápmi to spread awareness, show their support and unite forces in the fight against the ruthless exploitation of our precious nature.
(check out their journey here)

This short clip shows quite shockingly what we're up against ...

Let's support the local people! Everywhere! (because unfortunately similar crimes against the environment are happening the world over)
Let us be heard and show the big businesses and governments that we DO care, and that won't give up the fight that easily!

Globalize the Fight!
Globalize the Hope!

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