Sunday, December 16, 2012

Oh Brooklyn, Brooklyn take me in!

One of the more surprising discoveries we made during our trip to New York was not in Manhattan ...
Rooftop bars with ridiculously expensive drinks and drunk kids with daddy's credit cards are nothing compared to this ...

Is anyone surprised I felt more at home in Brooklyn?

the Eagle street rooftop farm was only one part of the enchantment though.

Greenpoint also happens to be the home of the owner of this blog I've been following for a while so of course I was secretly hoping to randomly bump into her or spot some of her street art ... 
I didn't, but then we walked past the Renegade Craft Fair at the Williamsburg Waterfront and I immediately forgot my sorrows :)

Williamsburg is also the place I had my first real HOT chocolate (with chili!), an experience I'll never forget :p

Oh and if you want to go out in New York but want to stay clear of places where you feel out of place, go to The Woods!

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