Saturday, November 30, 2013


25 days ago we left our island and headed for Copenhagen. 
I had been counting down for such a long time!
3 days wandering around in this beautiful city really was the perfect start to our trip.

We were armed with a little list of great spots and recommendations but somehow managed quite well to discover little gems on our own :) 
Kafferiet was perfect for our first coffee in Denmark, hiding from the rain after having photographed the little mermaid together with a busload of Japanese tourists :p

For those of you planning a citytrip:
Café Lyst serves a smashing breakfast,
The Royal Smushi Café is a great spot for hungry shoppers,
and vegetarians and vegans will definitely enjoy Café N!

But don't plan too much!
There's something magical about getting a little lost and finding 
the best imaginable place for a late-afternoon Irish coffee. 
(in our case Tjili pop)

Tip (added by my sensible boyfriend ;)) - find accommodation with free parking or park your car outside of town!

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