Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Face to face with cruelty

Even though our trip was mainly an excuse to escape the winter and our goal not much more inspiring than finding the best beach and the clearest water, we did manage to give it a bit more substanance.

Our visit to the War Remants museum in Ho Chi Minh City exhibiting the unbelievable atrocities by the U.S during the Vietnam war, which for some reason did not make it into our history lessons at school, left us wondering what else in our eductation has been whitewashed.

At the killingfields in Phnom Penh the proof of human cruelty just hit us in the face. Fragments of bones and teeth still surface from the mass graves after rainfalls and are even embedded in the paths we walked on.

I'd initially stated I refused to go. I guess I was afraid of how bad it would make me feel.
I changed my mind though, refusal to acknowledge what happened - and what is still happening elsewhere - undoubtedly is far worse.

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