Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Winter Jam

When the grass crunches under your feet you know winter is here.

It's definitely winter on Gotland,
but still there are things to be harvested!
The other day I took in the last of my kale (decorated with ice crystals!) to transform it into a pie,
and picked a bowl full of rosehip buds.

A word of caution (since most recipes don't stress this fact enough):
you need a LOT of patience to make rosehip jam.

I watched about a dozen TED talks during the process of cutting each of the rosehips in half and scooping out the seeds,
sighed a LOT,
was ready to give up about half way and toss out the rest,
but persisted & succeeded! 

The amount of struggle directly correlates to the appreciation of the result.

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