Wednesday, April 12, 2017

On moving to a new country ...

I've moved to other countries before.
No biggie.
I thought.

What I seem to have forgotten is the emptiness of daily life when you don't have a routine, when you don't have a network of friends to turn to, when everything is new & even going grocery shopping feels like a major challenge.

In addition, the last time I moved countries I didn't have a business to move with me.
Now there's so much more to consider all of a sudden, so much more to look into ...

All of that together felt so crippling that instead of getting to work I found myself wasting time doing everything else but "advancing" and looking forward to the weekend, when nothing was expected of me, or rather, when I didn't expect anything of myself.

My biggest challenge right now is to allow myself to relax and let things happen as they naturally do,
which is funny because looking back, that's what I've always done ... and that didn't turn out too bad did it?
So why am I stressing and feeling paralysed about some enormous imaginary pressure to do "things"?

With those thoughts in my head I packed my backpack and left for a little walk that would take me from Harrogate to Knaresborough via the river Nidd.

 (For those of you who are interested: just follow the Nidderdale greenway until you reach the Nidd Viaduct, turn right and follow the river for a really nice walk of roughly 13km with a stunning destination.)

Since then I've regained my mojo.
I obviously need to get out more!


PS: Ramslök (wild garlic) lovers - there's plenty of it all along the river Nidd! 

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