Thursday, June 29, 2017

My new reading nook.

I've been in Harrogate for roughly 4 months now.
It's hard to know when to start counting, but I generally take the day I brought my cat into the country as my official arrival date.

My first mission was to add a little "life" to the bachelor pad I moved into & to make it my home,
so in came the plants.
Finding pots for the plants seemed to be a bigger challenge,
so I found myself a pottery class ...

My own creations aren't big enough (yet) for anything else but baby plants and mini-succulents (and nor have they been fired so they aren't even in use yet) but in the mean time I've been starting to propagate the plants I do have and find myself ordering (even) more whenever I have money to spare.

It's becoming an addiction of the most beautiful kind, so I thought a few pictures were in order.

A Liekeland poster and a newly acquired velvet chair to accompany the table with the plants turned our bedroom into the cosiest room of the flat. 

I believe to correct name of this plant is Alocasia x Amazonica Polly. 
Next to it you can spot one of my Pilea babies and a Fittonia (nerve plant), my Belgian grandmother's old crystal candy jar and my Swedish grandfather's Elephant good luck charm.

If you ever heard me say I'm a minimalist I was clearly trying to fool myself. 

Also, Hector was only allowed in the chair for the duration of me taking these pictures. He was told this was a one-off thing and carried off to the living room. Velvet and cat hair shouldn't be allowed to get too close. Seriously.

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