Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Tales of a Newcomer

I've just spent an amazing weekend with some very dear friends who all traveled to England to celebrate my 30th Birthday with me.

It was the loveliest thing to be able to welcome them into my new home and show them around the area.

We had made 2 sets of plans. One for rain, one for sun, which is apparently the way to do it around here. 
We ended up spending most of our time indoors but managed to find ourselves in the middle of a 1940's themed event in Pateley Bridge & squeezed in a lovely nature walk without getting rained on!
Great success!

 I honestly never imagined finding myself living in England.

Brexit makes me nervous at times but I was told that I've got nothing to worry about till at least 2021.
I'm not sure I'll ever truly like steak & kidney pie and salt & vinegar on chips and don't even get me started on Marmite ... but I'm digging scones & clotted cream.
I'm pretty sure I'll never enjoy the rain (I guess not many people do) but I'm loving the rainbows & stomping through puddles in my wellies.
I'll probably always sound more like an American and confuse people with my name but that's nothing new.
I'm going to postpone driving on the left hand side for as long as I can but in the mean time you can be sure I'll be claiming the sidewalk (pavement?) as my private bike lane.

Here's to making the most of it!
Wherever you find yourself :)


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