Thursday, July 19, 2018

What's the deal with #whynottoday?

"Why not today" became my motto after my friend Lotta & I decided on a name for the Plastic-Free Shop we opened together in 2015.

"Varför inte idag" (in Swedish) or Vii for short.

Vii became a real thing, fast. At least for our friends and families, and some of our customers who became friends. We'd organise all kinds of things (some more successful than others): second hand markets, seed & plant swaps, clothes swaps, we had a crafts night, a salsa night, you name it.

Why? Because we thought it would be fun! Because Why not? And Why not today?

When I prepared for my move to England I wasn't sure what to do with the concept, as I realised its success was mainly thanks to the network I had around me ... so it got put on hold a little while I did my yoga teacher training and dealt with the logistics of moving to and settling into a new place.

Fast forward a year and a bit and it makes more sense than ever.

After teaching yoga in a studio for a year I found he courage and made the decision to start to develop my own little community around my style of teaching - outside as much as possible! 

Since the beginning of this year I've been involved in an initiative called Plastic Free Harrogate which is proving to be really rewarding.
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I feel really passionate about the work we do, and convinced that we all can make a difference, especially if we work together ... and all of a sudden opening up my webshop made sense again.

... and on tough days when I don't want to do anything at all I remind myself of that powerful little motto ...

Why not today?

Some days, it's the only question you need need to ask yourself to get yourself moving.

Whether it is to tackle that one little extra thing on your to do list, to get out of your comfort zone and try something new, to change habits that need changing (like switching to alternatives to plastic ;))
or even just to roll out your yoga mat!

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