Saturday, November 5, 2011

Bad luck & minimalism

Does anybody else have these random times of total clumsiness & bad luck?

During the last week I cut myself in the finger TWICE, stumped my toes definitely more than I usually do, AND I got an unusually agressive form of migraine that pinned me to the bed for 2 days.

I'm better now though and feel very grateful that I have the time to be ill on weekdays. 
Quite a luxury, if you think about it. 

I stumbled upon the mnmlist, via Keri Smith, and found renewed strength in my refusal of the smartphone
I'm not saying I'll be able to resist forever. But as long as my old phone works, I really don't need a new one. Even if that means not being able to play wordfeud!

from that same website :

A minimalist is anyone who questions the necessity of things, and who tries to live with what’s necessary, rather than with consumerism.

I'm definitely not saying I'm a minimalist. I love my stuff! But isn't it true that most things we think we so badly need, are just things the advertisements say we do ... ?
And aren't we supposed to be smarter than that?

If we wouldn't be so addicted to stuff, maybe we wouldn't have to work that hard just to pay it all, and we'd be able to work less and do more fun stuff, even on week days! 
(providing you're not sick, that is ...)

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