Friday, October 31, 2014

Water under the bridge

I'm starting yet a new chapter in my life.
The past 2 years now belong to the past.

New beginnings always start with an ending.
This one doesn't sound like a happy one, but in a way it is.

The past 2 years have been filled with memories to last a lifetime.
A rollercoaster long-distance relationship, many many late night phone calls, fabulous week-end getaways, the longing, the excitement of meeting each other at airports ...
as well as our fair share of doubts, fights, too many cancelled plane tickets and changed plans ...

but we made it through, survived the messy first year, laughed about it all, moved in with each other, embarked on the most amazing trip ever, made it home safe, loved it, worked hard, most often side by side, the way we liked it, the way we had become used to.

We literally spent pretty much all of our days together for an entire year.

It was nice. 

Great at times. 
And I often wonder what would have become of us had our dreams for the future not been so different ...
Pointless really. They are. Very different.
Now at least we can finally start working towards what we really want.

The memories of our 2 year long adventure will always remain. 

All the rest is water under the bridge.

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