Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I've posted photos of limestone quarries before, as there are quite a few here on the island and definitely more enjoyable to swim in than our algae-riddled Baltic sea, but none are as amazing as the one we found last weekend. 
Look at those colours!!! 💗

When you live on an island like Gotland it's almost considered a crime to leave during the summer months,
so when Jonatan and I both had 4 days off we decided to explore some more of the island, by bike! 

Isn't mine just a beauty? It truly is the best health-investment I've ever made. My old one didn't have gears which used to be my main excuse to take the car instead. Now I just need some winter tires so that even snow won't be an issue. (I'll let you know how that goes :p)

Since I went to a screening of the documentary Bikes vs Cars here in town this spring (and downloaded the tracking app with the same name) I've biked 350 kilometers, saved 22 liters of oil and 45 kg of CO2! We also sold one of our cars since we moved into town and put a tow bar on the one we kept so that we can take our bikes with us when we want to go explore a bit further away from home.

So now, what are your excuses for taking the car?
How about leaving it at home and biking/walking/inline skating/carpooling?

Why not today? ;)

Your health and/or the environment will thank you for it!


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