Sunday, September 27, 2015

Market Life

A lot of lists were written while brainstorming about opening our lifestyle store.
A lot of plans were made.
Some of those didn't materialise (or haven't yet) while other things just sort of happened without ever making it onto the lists in the first place.

Selling at markets was one of those things ... quite a few steps outside our comfort zones, to be honest, but with our recently adopted why-not-today-attitude we basically just had to go for it :)

No matter how brilliant our location is during the spring, during the fall & winter not a lot of people visit the local garden center.
From the end of August to the beginning of October markets are in the focus here on the island so from now on that will always be the time we go out and find our customers instead of waiting for them find us :)

Yesterday we had or final and most successful market - what a way to end the season!
We'll be putting the dates for next year's markets in our agendas already now so that we won't miss a single one in 2016!

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