Friday, November 6, 2015

Add more colour to your diet!

As nature is losing its colours and the sky is grey rather than blue it's so refreshing to bring some colours into other aspects of our life ... Who said winter fashion has to be grey and black? Buy that green winter coat and bright yellow scarf!

The most obvious way to add colour to life for a nutritionist is of course through food. Salads are colourful by nature but now that we crave more warming food there is still hope for a vibrant colour scheme on our plates! Experiment with anything from the vegetable kingdom! My number one tip would be beets :)

We closed our store location a while back (the winter season is always so much more quiet than I remember it!) so I have a lot more time to spend in the kitchen all of a sudden. (What a blessing!) But just like every year the winter will be over before I know it and at least half of all the projects that I'm planning to do won't get finished. (Why is that?)

The store remains my number one focus though. The webshop is getting updated almost daily with Christmas present inspiration, I've signed up to just about all the Christmas markets here on the island and I might have even more exciting news to share in a week or so!

Until then, keep it healthy!*

*and with that I don't just mean the food on your plate, but also the thoughts in your head, the words coming out of your mouth, your relationships, your stress and activity level and everything else that makes up your lifestyle.

A bit much? I blame the fact that I had coffee this morning  ☕ It makes me rattle ☺️

Aina Maj

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