Thursday, December 3, 2015

Vii goes Visby

I promised exciting news so here it is!

About a month ago I walked into this new little store here in town.
I could have been a regular customer, commenting on how nice everything was, deciding on a pair of earrings and a poster, paying & closing the door behind me again.

I'll spare you the details but instead I got talking with the owner. 
Guided by my curiosity, but also because I could see the possibilities straight away, I asked about how she got started, how much she paid in rent (not a very Swedish thing to do but I felt like I could) and when she said that she had been thinking about a collaboration of some sort to share the costs, I pounced!
I left her a Vii-flyer and asked her to look at my products and said she was more than welcome to let me know if she was interested.

I paid, closed the door behind me, but I left with much more than just a pair of earrings and a poster ...

I got a text message the same evening :)

Sara from Pattern & Grading and I met the next week. The same day I moved my stuff into her store and together we rearranged and redecorated the window display.

Now we're 3 weeks further down the road.
I've been in the store on my allocated days, Monday to Wednesday, and selling at Christmas markets during the weekend. If you follow us on Facebook or Instagram you've maybe seen we've even been able to fit in a little inauguration party to celebrate our partnership :)

Yesterday our window got its Christmassy look and we got the logo up as well!

Exciting times, as you can imagine!
Our little idea, that little charming store in that barn on the countryside just got a lot of space to grow!

Stay tuned!


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