Saturday, June 22, 2019

Another summer at Orion B&B!

I've been at Orion for 7 months now & finally summer has officially started.

This winter I repainted the floors of all treehouses,
I got creative with old sheets and repurposed them into little cute weaves that now decorate the walls, I'm crocheting cushions with strips of old hammam towels, and we've taken a hard look at what we serve for breakfast and came up with new low-waste alternatives!

I'm loving it. 
The journey to sustainability is a long one, but we're on it, and it's oh so fulfilling. 

One of the things we get asked for the most is our granola recipe.
I won't copy it here because I've already posted it on the Orion blog which finally has come to be too! 

I'm full of energy for this summer. 
I'll be cleaning the pool, serving breakfast & teaching yoga like there's no tomorrow.
I'll also be cleaning more treehouses and do more laundry and ironing than I care to think about at the moment ... but it will be done with LOVE!

Come and stay!

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