Wednesday, December 12, 2018

Horse lover Heaven

Quintessential Englishness.
Or English Countryside-ness at the very least, or how it should be, in my mind anyway.

The prettiest gingerbread house with rescued battery-farm chickens happily scuttling around the most perfect garden.
Two snoozing dogs each in their own chair in a colourful & bright open plan living area with a perpetually hot stove, teapot always at the ready. 
And horses! 

It's too bad I only met P. in September ... back then I didn't know I'd leave only 2 months later.
We found each other through a friend of a friend on Facebook. 
She was looking for someone to go riding with, since 5 horses is a bit much for one person on her own.
I was totally up for it.

As you can imagine, when you feel your relationship starting to crumble, it's a real luxury to be able to forget about it all once a week and go for a lovely hack in nature, in what soon appeared to be the loveliest company. 

What do you think my chances are of finding such a win-win situation in France? 😇

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