Thursday, March 31, 2011

Culinary Days

I knew the week would start well but I never thought a 13 hour work day could be fun! 
While Luqaz was in charge of lunch and dinner for a group of 12 people and as starter made soup of the ramslök (ramsons according to wiki) we picked over the weekend I got to make cake and cookies all afternoon!
Mondays can be a lot worse, right?

Nothing wrong with Wednesday either! Inspired by the possibility to go out in the forest and gather dinner me and my friend Julia went for a walk, plucked until our fingers were frozen, and made ramslök quiche! I which I could share a picture of the carrot cake we had as starters (while the quiche was in the oven) but there's so little left of it that it would be a rather sad sight :p

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Anonymous said...

Galet va jag saknar dina pajer!