Sunday, March 27, 2011

Random Laughs and Smiles

Taking pleasure in the little things is an art - totally underestimated and not always easy.
For some reason though this week gave me plenty of those feel good moments and reasons for honest happiness.

I don't think an egg carton made me smile before ... while it's obvious why a plate of banana pancakes would ...
Those toska cookies are no more, unfortunately, but guess who knows the recipe ... ;) Mouthwatering/delicious/heavenly - all understatements!

Crispy toast with cheese and cucumber slices has become staple food on lazy days - and this version with baby cucumber (from Gotland!) made it to the list of smile enhancers.

I'm so ready for this new week. My agenda is nicely filled with things to look forward to and my cold is on its way out so things are looking up!
My little project is taking up most of my thinking hours (making any attempt to study very challenging) and will probably be the subject of most of my posts the following weeks ... 
Hope you don't mind :)


Yosofine said...

Hi Aina-maj! The "loppis" that I visited today will be open tomorrow between 10.00-11.00. The address is Stabbgårdsgatan 31, Hemse. You can visit, there and in the newspapers GT/GA you can find adds for loppisar. The best thing I know is just to get in the car and look for "loppis-signs" along the road. They will start to appear in May :) Good luck with your loppis-hunting!

Aina Maj said...

@Yosofine: Thanks! Maybe we bump into each other some day :)