Friday, March 11, 2011

Let's talk some trash!

Not an image you associate with holidays, white sandy beaches & crystal clear water but the bitter reality. 
My mum likes to joke about my recycle obsession ever since I was a little kid so you can understand how frustrated I got when I was forced to throw everything in the same bin on holidays for the simple reason that there only was one!
Unfortunately a lot of trash doesn't even end up in the bin ... as soon as we stepped out of the touristy areas this was a very common sight.

Maybe this was what subconsciously motivated me today. What was supposed to be a walk along the beach turned into a little litter picking.

Here's a little selection: A milk carton from Holland, a juice carton from the American Beverage Depot, a Japanese (?) water bottle, and a German softener container. I wish they could talk and tell me how the hell they got here!

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