Saturday, January 14, 2012


It really felt like I discovered a treasure of great importance when I noticed this little plastic container during my hike yesterday.

Initially I thought it was some little girl's hiding place ... Or maybe something someone had just forgotten ...
I'm happy I was curious enough to open the box to have a look at what was inside.

Apparently this is called Geocaching. A real-world outdoor treasure hunting game, where the goal is to locate hidden containers armed with a GPS.

Cool right?! What a great concept!
I was still a little shocked about my little sliding adventure in the mud so I forgot to write that I found the box by accident but I wanted to leave a little message anyway :)

Cache in trash out, one of geacaching environmental initiatives definitely deserves to be mentioned too, encouraging people to pick up trash during their hikes looking for the hidden treasures ...

According to their website, there are 1 619 875 active geocaches in the world. I'm seriously thinking of making and hiding one of my own ... And put smiles on other peoples faces when they find it, intentionally or not!

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Plumflower said...

There are quite a few caches in Visby as well (including one just outside Norrgatt, I'm told).

Aina Maj said...

Really? Haha, maybe I should go for a hunt when I'm back :D I'm flattered you still follow my blog Jeff ;) Take care!