Thursday, January 5, 2012

Yesterday in the streets of Paris

Blessed with nice weather at least half of the day I decided to explore the Quartier Latin.
I can't believe I ignored this fanstastic part of the city during all of my previous visits!
Of course you can't go to Paris without checking out the main tourist attractions but I'm very happy I found Manning's blog ( for inspiration on the other important stuff!
If you check his blog you will discover I took a picture of the same pixel art as he did - I literally just stumbled upon it :D

I met an Italian guy while hiding for the rain who gave me a quick tour of Paris by night and nicely dropped my off where I had to be at 8PM - at the apartment of my new couchsurfing friends!

Successful first travel day anno 2012!

I'm now sitting at the airport in Saint-Martin, totally ready to go outside and brave the heat :D

Catch you later! ;)

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