Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Fruitful Days ...

Last week my career path took a new turn.

I've been interested in growing food for a while, and this year again all windowsill-space in our apartment is occupied by little seedlings, waiting to be eaten ... or for the luckier ones, to go outside as soon as the temperature allows ... 

And then I met a person who seems to be able to give me exactly what I wished for:
gardening knowledge and hands-on experience,
a job with more or less flexible hours, and allows me to work with my hands, outside in the fresh air,
added bonuses, like a bag full of freshly dug up jerusalem artichokes,
AND hopefully, a patch of land where my seedlings can dig their roots deep into the earth and grow to their full potential :)

PS: to prove that I was really lucky, the day I decided to become a gardener I also won fresh cinnamon and vanilla beans (straight from Sri Lanka) at a raffle at a meeting of Gotland's "Gardener Society" I was invited to :) 

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