Tuesday, March 13, 2012

A philosopher in our living room!

We still need to actually put it up on the wall, but here is my latest creative project.
It's a drawing made by Luqaz' grandfather Stig Lasseby, born Stig Gunnar Larsson (who has his own page on wikipedia, I just discovered) which I pimped a little with some yellow paint and a few strips of a poster I saved from a Wallpaper magazine I once bought.

I think the guy on the poster is Socrates but we're not entirely sure. Can someone out there confirm this?


Anonymous said...

B-but, it says "Stig Larsson" on the drawing itself :O

Aina Maj said...

Haha - you have an eye for details ;) He changed his name later in life to Lasseby - the drawing was from before that :)

Anonymous said...

:O are you saying that luqaz grandfather was the actual creator of Pelle Svanslös??