Friday, August 17, 2012

Gammelgarn Discoveries

 Already last summer I heard about the owner of this concrete tipi, who coincidentally also is the creator of these wonderful concrete horses (the large ones doubling as road blockers across the island) and the first to take up (and win!) the fight with the authorities on Gotland for the right to purify his own greywater by means of a construction called "living wall" (or levande vägg in Swedish).
This summer I happened to drive past his house, recognized it from the stories I'd heard, and just had to stop and take a look around ...

He is no longer with us, but Lennart Svärd's accomplishments will hopefully allow more home owners to go off the grid (as he did!), or at least take greywater purification into their own hands.

Memorable quote via here: "The best way to purify water is to not contaminate it"
So don't mix blackwater with greywater and purify the latter!
Sounds so easy, doesn't it?
Yet it's still more the exception than the rule ...

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