Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Ojnare Forest

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It's no secret that big corporations are used to getting their way ... and usually get it as well, very often at the cost of the environment.
This is a great example:
Nordkalk, a Finnish mining company has been given the right to expand and dig yet another quarry on the island of Gotland (my home, for those of you who didn't know), and doesn't seem to care that by doing so they will be destroying the habitat of about 265 endangered species and run a very high risk of polluting the island's biggest freshwater reserve.

The beautiful side of this story is that a group of activists who represent a growing number of supporters have set up their camp in the forest to make a stand and won't give up until the EU Environment Commissioner puts a stop to this (as he's the only hope now).

They need all the help they can get though - and guess what, you can contribute by signing THIS petition! :)

Please help save Gotland's protected nature from mining!

Who ever you are, where ever you live, get together, join forces and dare to speak out and stand up to the bad guys!


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