Monday, May 16, 2016

Kombucha Dreaming

I'm quite new to the whole Kombucha brewing thing but I'm hooked already!
My neighbour gave me a piece of her Scoby* a few weeks ago and with her recommendations (and those on this funky website) I got going.

It's a bit hard to believe that brewing 2 liters of extra strong tea,
adding 1 dl of organic sugar,
and letting it sit in a big glass jar for 8 to 14 days together with a "*symbiotic colony of bacteria and yeast" (yum!) and about 10-20% starter tea would produce a drink with numerous health benefits ... 

but it's fizzy and tasty and a pretty cool way to transform tea into a refreshing drink for hot days so who's complaining?

So far I've tried brewing kombucha with Joe's tea co's English Breakfast and Løv Organic's Sencha. 
I alternate the two since I've read somewhere that the Scoby needs at least a little black tea to feed on which is maybe why the green tea one was a lot milder in taste ... 
but my guess is as good as yours :p
(do leave a comment if you know something I don't!)

More experiments are very likely to follow!

Gotlanders who want to join me on this kombucha adventure - let me know! 
I also happen to sell both Løv Organic & Joe's Tea so drop me a line if you want some :)

Now we have a sourdough starter and a kombucha culture going, kefir next? 

Why not today? ;)

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