Friday, May 13, 2016


Going on road trips is by far my most favourite thing to do here on the island.
Taking the bike only gets you so far in one day ... and it so happened that last Sunday was the most perfect day for one of those semi-spontaneous let's jump in the car and see where we end up kind of outings.

This time I sort of knew where I wanted to end up though. We were going East!

Mittemot, (Swedish for "opposite") is a new store opposite the quite well known restaurant & hotel Smakrike only a few meters away from the sea, in Ljugarn, Gotland.
They also happen to be the first store to contact me with the request to sell Ljusbringare* , which obviously made me one happy girl :)

*the awesome little eco-candles of which I'm distributor on Gotland. Contact me for shipping outside Sweden! I can make exceptions for these babies!

Even if you can resist the urge to buy absolutely everything you won't be able to resist the selection of cakes they have across the road.
I had the most delicious lemon tart but I think I probably enjoyed the setting even more :)

Oh Gotland,
you keep on seducing me ... ♥

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