Monday, May 30, 2016

My relationship with timepieces

I've been a watch person for as long as I can remember.

I remember every single watch I had as if it were a person I share amazing memories with.
I never felt complete without and loved every single one of them fiercely until fate took them away from me ... (I've always wondered if maybe there's a secret place where lost watches go ...)

It started with a colourful flik flak which I got before I could even read the time,
next was a just as colourful sporty & water resistant one (given to me by my lifeguard/diver aunt if I remember correctly) that I would wear on my weekly mermaid sessions in the pool.
In high school I got a Storm watch that looked like a miniature ufo on a strap (for real!) before I moved on to some more Swatch watches (their ultra thin "skin" wristwatch was my favourite).

My Swatch love affair ended when we moved to France and I fell in love with Akteo ... but that relationship didn't stand a chance once I started diving and sported my chunky Suunto dive watch just because it made me feel cool (little did I know ...)

I switched to wood when I bumped into We-Wood in a cute little eco-conscious store in the centre of Bruges, Belgium, and even though I still love that sturdy unisex number I now own two ... as I felt I just "had to" adopt a slightly more elegant Kerbholz since I now sell those myself :)

Seriously, once you make the switch to wood you no longer get why there's a need for watches in other materials! (except for diving maybe - I still love you Suunto!)

If I could (read: if it were socially acceptable) I'd have a watch on both wrists.

 Ready for a new love affair yourself?
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PS: As usual, contact me directly for shipping outside Sweden!

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