Sunday, July 31, 2011

Discovering Burgsvik - Part 1

As it's now only 2 more weeks before Hamra Krog shuts its doors for the season and we move back to Visby, I decided it's about time I start discovering this part of the island some more! There's loads more to the South of Gotland than Hamra Krog and Ainas Ateljé so it's about time I start exploring a little!

I have decided I will reduce my opening hours a bit and take more time for sightseeing and other fun stuff.
My new plan started off well: dinner at Gåsens Lada (the goose's barn, believe it or not) was just as pleasing to the eye (and camera lens) as to my tummy :)

Some might think we were spying on the competition ... if we were, we have absolutely nothing bad to remark :)

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