Friday, July 29, 2011

This week ...

This week, one year ago, me and Jamie discovered the beautiful Cinque Terre on the Italian Riviera and walked 12 km in flip flops from village to village, each one more beautiful than the other. I strongly recommend it to anyone - although I'd bring sneakers ;)

This week, every year, on the 27th of July, my mum's sister, my mum's aunt, my dad's brother, and me, all turn one year older.
This year, I was too busy enjoying my day, my brand new red rubber boots & all my other birthday treats to congratulate all others so here it comes: Happy Belated Birthday to all of you!
And thank you to all who congratulated me!

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Pascaline said...

I Love this post Aina !
First I love birthdays. And as you have many to celebrate, I love it all the more.
AND, this was my dream before leaving our beloved Riviera to visit Cinque Terre, and I did not do it.
So this is a nice reminder to add it on my to-do list. Have a nice nice day.
Bisous de Lyon