Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drying for Freedom

I found a petition online to stop the prosecution of a woman who got sued for growing vegetables in her front yard ... She was charged with a misdemeanor for not having a "suitable" lawn in accordance with the city code
Never knew people can actually be put in jail for wanting to provide their families with their own organically grown vegetables!
In a world where sustainability is of critical importance it's ironic that governments punish the very people who take positive action.

... but something I've never really thought about is the fact that so many people aren't allowed to hang their clothes to dry in their gardens or on their balconies - in so many communities outdoor line drying is simply banned!
I guess I always accepted the reason: it's just not that aesthetically appealing ... but what about the environmental impact of forcing people to use the tumble dryer while outdoor drying is better for the environment and our clothes?

Drying for Freedom is a film about our right to protect the planet.
Fight for your right to be environmentally friendly!

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