Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Colourful World

I have nothing intelligent to say about these photos but I just wanted to share them with you.
Doesn't everybody agree that traffic poles should all be colourful &fun?
Think about it! Such potential!
How many ugly traffic poles are there in the world? What if they all get transformed into works of art?
Would there be 1 pole per person? 
Maybe we should each get a pole to decorate!

Isn't it crazy we're almost 7 billion people on this earth?!
When I was born, the global population was about:
Want to find out how many we were when you saw the light?
Click here!
I think it's rather shocking, a little alarming even, but not everyone agrees it's all that bad.
I'm really happy I watched this video on the Do Lectures yesterday...
If there are people out there who truly believe that we can & will succeed in feeding every person on earth, (especially if they believe the way we'll succeed is by small-to-medium-scale diverse organic farming), then I do too!

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