Saturday, October 29, 2011

Holistic Hypocrisy!

Many nutritionists don't like Jamie Oliver.
They don't like that he ignores the existence of whole grain flour,
They don't like his consistent use of white sugar,
They don't like that he tries to do THEIR job.

My goodness!
What is this ridiculous elementary school mentality?

I'm a holistic nutritionist.
This means I don't just focus on weight & calories when I give recommendations.
It means I focus on all aspects of my clients health, that I assess them as a completely unique person, not just a stomach, or some other organ in trouble.

Holistic means "Emphasizing the importance of the whole and the interdependence of its parts".
Maybe this is why I don't agree with those nutritionists who don't like Jamie.
I think he's great.
Sure, maybe he didn't study nutrition like we did, but he knows the most important bits, and most of all:
He gets the word out!
He's passionate about food and health and wants to share it with everybody out there.

He's a very important part of the whole.

Every single person is important here.
Every person who can inspire other people to think twice about the food they put in their mouth or the food they serve their children is important.
Saying that nutritional education is not the 'job' of a tv-chef is so wrong it makes me angry.
Knowing these words were written by a fellow holistic nutritionist, in an article that appeared on the alumni website of my school, makes me even more angry.

(then again, anger makes you productive, so this is a good thing)

Watch the clips below and make up your mind.
What is so bad about Jamie Oliver trying to educate?

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