Thursday, October 20, 2011

Sustainability, a wonderful journey

What follows is a liberally translated quote from National Geographic photographer Mattias Klum, who was in Visby yesterday because of Gotland's Ekodag, a yearly event with the goal to inspire people to rethink their daily choices in respect to the environment:

"The journey towards sustainability is a wonderful journey, it's a journey towards health, towards beauty."

This year's topic was clean water, which is becoming more and more of a luxury on and around this island (with emphasis on our beautiful but suffering Baltic Sea) and all over the world.
Mattias Klum explained the various projects he's working on and shared some of his pictures and a few movie clips with us (you can find a nice summary on his website)

Here's a trailer of his movie called the Coral Eden:

His projects run all over the world, but the message is the same: We need to stop taking nature for granted ...

And to end this post with another quote: "Nature is not something that we have or don't have. It's a prerequisite for our world to survive."

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