Monday, October 31, 2011

Vivid Autumn Hues & Good Excuses for Parties

I can't get over how beautiful this season is!
What the sky lacks in colour these days, you find in the leaves on the ground and those that are left on the trees. 
We didn't celebrate Halloween this year, but we had our housewarming party yesterday (almost 3 months after we moved into our appartment), which we extended with one extra night since we had so much food leftover :)
It's apparently not very common to invite your neighbours to your housewarming party here in Sweden ...
which, for me of course, was all the more reasons to do so!
Not all of our them showed up (good thing we had some back-up friends who did! :p), but it feels really nice to know at least some of the people we share the building with.
Now we know what doors to knock on when we need some sugar :)

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