Monday, April 11, 2011

Beautify your world

1. The newest addition to the Furillen Family. A-dor-able!
2. How I spend most of my morning: planting 25 lavender plants 
3. How me and Luqaz spent most of the afternoon: pumping tires, test-riding, and cleaning bicycles.

I must have some sort of bicycle fever because I'm in love witSkeppshult bikes now and really badly want one. I guess I found yet another thing to add to my list of things to save up for ...

I really enjoy working at Furillen and helping in the process of getting everything ready for the new season (coming up very soon and very fast!). It feels like we're actually making the world a better place.
Yes we're paid for all the cleaning, and repairing and organizing we do, and people run hotels with the goal of making money, but I know that so many people are going to visit that amazing hotel and be inspired.
Beautiful places make people happy (or at least that's what they do to me) so by contributing to the beauty of a place, one contributes to the happiness of people ... right?

Here's one of the things you can do to change the world in 30 seconds (via here)
Pick up a piece of trash and throw it in a bin!

Not that hard, right?

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